Heather Angel


Heather is offering a choice of three lecture titles as follows, with details below.
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Heather is a veteran traveller to China. Since 1984 she has made 32 trips specifically to photograph the natural world in this vast country, and written 5 books. Three on pandas; Green China (an overview of the major habitat types and Exploring Natural China (autumn 2010). Her latest book is a natural history travelogue about 13 specific locations – each one with a target species – and the ups and downs of each journey in a country like no other.
“Travelling in China is richly rewarding – breathtaking landscapes, exquisite plants and an array of wildlife. Watching a two-week-old gibbon clinging to its honey-coloured mother as she swung through the rainforest canopy will live with me forever.”
On the way she took Siberian tigers in the north-east in frigid winter temperatures, verdant bamboo forests, spectacular caves, lush rainforests and exquisite alpine flowers. Since Heather first visited China she has witnessed so many changes and seen the great strides being made to save some of the rarest species from extinction.

Composition, critical focusing and lighting are key to the success of a macro shot. Heather reveals her secrets for shooting winning macro images many of which have appeared in two books she has written on close-up and macro photography. .
After wildlife, Heather has a great passion for macro and never travels anywhere without one of her macro lenses – for taking flowers, plant details and smaller wildllife from insects, marine life as well as amphibians and reptiles.
"The great thing about macro subjects is that you have complete control of the lighting. Selective use of reflectors, diffusers, fill flash or prime flash in the field ensures you can select the optimum lighting – without making blaming the weather for lack lustre results!"
Heather also works indoors using window light in a large sunroom or in her studio using state of the art lighting – including fibre optics. This presentation includes some innovative and stunning lighting to reveal hidden wonders in the macro world.
More recently, Heather has been using Focus Stacking to get flowers with long trumpets and intricate 3-D ones all in focus.

Kew is reknown as one of the world’s leading Botanic Gardens – with 300 acres plus the glasshouses a wide variety of plants from all over the world flourish here. Indeed it is this high biodiversity which makes Kew a haven for wildlife throughout the year. It attracts a wide range of wildlife – from foxes and badgers, to birds, insects and pond life to the gardens which comes as a surprise to many visitors.
Throughout 2008 and part of 2009 Heather had special acccess to Kew documenting the wildlife comings and goings for her book Heather Angel's Wild Kew, which was the 2010 summer exhibition at Kew in the Nash Conservatory. In spring, enchanting wildfowl babies appear; summer flowers attract a host of insect pollinators; come autumn, parakeets and squirrels raid chestnuts while swans court in the depth of winter when coots fight on the frozen lake.
Having spent her life as a peripatetic photographer travelling all over the world, Heather relished working close to home in her favourite botanic garden where she once pushed her son, Giles, in his pram! She has run the 4-day annual plant photography course at Kew since 1990 and now Giles assists her on one day talking about post production.