Heather Angel


Heather Angel abandoned a career as a marine biologist before becoming a freelance wildlife photographer. Later she founded her own image library, Natural Visions, for marketing images of the natural world. Based in Britain, Heather began her peripatetic life with her father serving in the RAF, attending14 different schools!
Heather's great passions are photographing mammals, plants and macro subjects. In recent years, she has invested a lot of time working at Kew Gardens documenting the wildlife here for her book and exhibition Wild Kew and is currently working on a big project about floral structure.
China holds a special attraction for Heather; frequent visits have resulted in three books on pandas and two others, Green China and Exploring Natural China, cover the wildlife and wilder parts of this enigmatic country. Major solo exhibitions of Heather’s work have been on show in London, India, China, Malaysia, and Egypt.
Heather has been at the forefront of wildlife photography in Britain for several decades, with her images appearing in magazines and books all over the world. Her work has been recognised by many awards in Britain and overseas. She was President of the Royal Photographic Society from 1984-86. Fully embracing the digital revolution, she communicates her enthusiasm for the natural world via her prodigious writing, her workshops and lectures worldwide.
Heather lives in Surrey with her husband Martin who is a retired oceanographer. Their son, Giles, also works freelance, as a professional retoucher and a commercial photographer.

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